Are polarised sunglasses really worth it?

If you're looking into buying a new pair of sunglasses, especially prescription ones, you might've noticed a not so new trend in the world of sunglass lens: polarised sunglasses. They are a tad more expensive than the usual ones, so you might be wondering if the difference in price is really worth it?

In this small article, we'll go through why you should consider getting polarised sunglasses next time you purchase a pair.

  1. What are polarised sunglasses? Polarised sunglasses don't usually have any difference in the frames from other typical sunglasses. The main difference is in the lenses, which come with an extra layer for protection from the sun. What this extra layer does is block reflected light, which offers more protection for your eyes. 
  2. What are the advantages of polarised sunglasses? Since polarised sunglasses protect your eyes from reflected light, you can expect more protection for daily use. This extra protection will help reduce feelings of tiredness and the strain in your eyes, especially if you stay out in the sun for too long during the day. They are a favorite among people who drive for a living, since they protect your eyes from the light that's reflected from other cars, from your mirrors and from your windshield. 
  3. What are some good brands for polarised sunglasses? Crann is a good example if you're looking for something different than what your average optician might be able to offer YES this is a shameless pull but any of the top sunglass designers are an option like Ray-Ban, Oakley or Quay to name but a few!  
  4. Are polarised sunglasses worth the extra investment? Unless you're planning on going cheap for your sunglasses, polarized sunglasses are a must-have, especially if you use prescription glasses already. Polarised lenses last longer and they're worth the extra cost for being especially good in protecting your eyes from reflected light. This feature allows them to keep your eyes from straining too much under heavy sunlight. You'll feel your eyes less tired and these type of lenses will reduce the chance of getting headaches in the evening after staying in the sun. 
  5. Are polarised sunglasses ideal for you? If you don't have much money to spend, it might seem like a waste to spend an extra $50 to $100 on polarised sunglasses. However, you must remember sunglasses aren't just for style: they're a medical device that's supposed to protect your eyes from strain. Taking this into account, it's worth it to wait a little more until you can afford a pair of polarised sunglasses rather than go cheap and regret it. 

Polarised sunglasses are an investment in the health of your eyesight. Once you get your first pair, you'll notice the difference and you'll never go back to sunglasses that are not polarised. It pays off to spend extra on a pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes effectively and that will last you a long time.

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