ūüė鬆Welcome to Crann Australia¬†ūüėé

My names Eoin McGuinness owner and creator of Crann, Along with my co-Founder Ash Naughton we are pleased to showcase Crann Australia. 


Crann was born from a trip to South East Asia which opened our eyes to how other cultures and countries use the raw sustainable materials they have to create some practical and beautiful items. Bamboo and other woods and used in almost all aspect of life, this ingenuity and creativity had a lasting impression on us.


After countless hours of research, testing concepts & products Crann was born in 2018. We decided to use recycled materials to make Crann as Carbon Natural and eco-friendly as possible. 


 All Crann sunglasses are handcrafted, which makes each pair unique and special, making our sunglasses as unique as the person wearing them! 

Our Story 

Crann is a socially responsible and sustainable brand  this is achieved through; 


  1. Use Sustainable Materials.
  2. Donation to a local cause that means something to the brand.


The use of sustainable materials and donating to local charities are core to Crann's values. Coupled with a genuine commitment to provide our customer with Quality, Customer Satisfaction & Value For Money.



We are super proud to take the amazing work we have done in Europe to Australia. All our Sunglasses are named after those dear to us favourite beaches in Australia. 


Any other questions chat to directly via the chat window to your right or on Facebook/Instagram/Email.



Eoin & Ash